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The Law and Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada has long been known as Sin City because so many people do things and see things that are not usually seen at any other US city. It is also known as the city that never sleeps as casinos and bars stay open all hours so the gambling and drinking and other fun continues on into the wee hours day after day. People that may not ordinarily drink a lot of alcohol tend to go overboard in Vegas where they get caught up in the partying atmosphere. Because of the amount of people that visit Las Vegas regularly and the high level of partying and other raucous behavior that is deemed acceptable in the nation’s biggest adult playground, many laws are broken. A Las Vegas DUI attorney or Las Vegas DUI lawyer is kept very busy dealing with many drunken crimes that happen to and from visitors.

Unfortunately, because alcohol is so widely consumed in this town and the open container law does not apply, it is not uncommon to see many people who are intoxicated walking down the street with enormous plastic mugs of alcoholic beverages. When people drink so excessively, it can lead to many problems that are far greater than the hangover they will feel in the morning. Drunk driving is one problem that has a higher incidence in Vegas despite the numerous cabs available.

Another law that is more commonly broken in Las Vegas than in other cities is that of public intoxication. The amount of tickets that police have to issue for this form of disorderly conduct is unbelievably high because many people do not behave the same way in Vegas as they do when they are home. Because it is a crazier city, they somehow feel that they are exempt from following some of the same laws that apply in their hometown like being intoxicated in public. Even with it being a bit more lenient in Vegas, a lot of people are still ticketed for this offense.

With increased alcohol consumption, crime rates increase dramatically. Sexual assault and rape are common things that happen in Las Vegas. Many women lose their inhibitions and their sense of reasoning and may invite what probably is a stranger back to their hotels while they are intoxicated. Many rapes have occurred in just this manner. Unfortunately there are some people that focus in on women that they see that are drunk and take advantage of them also by stealing money or their purses from them too. Because the victim is not sharp enough to realize what is going on, the thief often gets away with it.

The next time you head to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun, be sure to always stay with the person you went with and do not drink so excessively that it may result in harm being done to you or another person. Be as responsible as you are at home and remember that laws are still in effect in Vegas.